Wednesday, June 17, 2009

latest Denver deo tv commercial

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Pushkar Gogia said...

Denver is a brand from Vanesa which is a Delhi based Company. This Brand is launched recently and has been active brand as it is sponsoring TV Commercials like MTV Splitsvilla. It is promoting itself with the help of chain of stores like, Big Apple, Doorstep, V Mart, Apollo pharmacy, Spencer’s etc.
Recently I visited India International Trade Fair 2009; there also the company was promoting itself in a very decent manner.
The Company has been successful in product packaging and even the pricing of the product - DENVER.
But somehow I feel that the positioning of the product has not been done properly. Brands like AXE – from House of UNILEVER, have been successful in positioning themselves. The AXE deodorant focuses in “THE AXE EFFECT”. AXE Brand was launched in 2002 in US market and was a major hit by 2004. AXE spreaded the message of AXE Effect in which the target audience of AXE is MALES (between the age of 15 yrs- 30 yrs) who use AXE, gets attention from women, resulting women getting attracted to them. Thus AXE’s positioning strategy has not only given the product a UNIQUE IMAGE but also COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE & also convinces consumers in buying the product.
This positioning element was missing in DENVERs approach.

Pushkar Gogia