Wednesday, November 14, 2007



ravi said...

'Chandrika'soap is certainly a product to reckon with with regard to ayurvedic products.The brand will surely but slowly reach its peak having been part of a strong corporate brand like 'Wipro'. Moreover,the company should further focus on buiding goodwill which the Chandrika brand has created for itself over the last six decades.Also the brand should stop competing with other high priced soaps in the FMCG segment and rather focus on building its own mark in the market with a state of differentiation.

shisir said...

Taking into the consideration of "Chandrika soap" as a ayurvedic product,it has not that much successful in the market,because of i think very less number of customers like ayurvedic product.But to show its benefits it is essential to promote the product effectively.Brand name also matters while in the case of product differentiation.The name Chandrika i didnt hear before coming to Kerala.But i Know the name Wipro,hence i think if there will be a strong association between Wipro and Chandraka,then customer can feel the trustworthiness about the product,as Wipro has a strong brand value.If in a particular market like Kerala it is suessful,then they can focus to other market by showing the success story of this product.